I know that I seem to start every post lately with an apology for taking so long between updates, and here’s one more -- sorry! B

The world is forcing me to think about insurance right now. My husband is about to turn 26 at the start of next year, meaning

This post is part of the How I Do Money series. Click here to see more posts. One of the most common pieces of financial advice I


September 22, 2015

In my very first post on this site, I talked about how I’m not a wealthy person. I’ve been crawling inch by inch out of student deb

Man, sorry that I disappeared on you guys for a few weeks. I write this blog in my off hours, when my brain is itching and I’m a

Update: We ended up buying new. It just made sense, particularly to have the old pieces hauled away and recycled. Thanks for all

So let’s say you’ve had a wake up call of some sort, and you’re ready to start yourself on the path towards financial health. Where

If you’ve looked at your monthly spending and realized that you need to cut back, I think there are basically two ways you can go a